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Ben Knoefler

well-known expert for #crisis communication and #market entry. international entrepreneur, author and speaker.


What I'm all about.

I am an internationally renowned expert for corporate communications and sales strategy with almost 20 years of experience. Boosting my clients sales, helping them to enter new markets or building strong relations to multiplicators like media and political decision-makers are my day-to-day business. Precise analyses, tailored strategies, and an individualized approach always characterize my work. In numerous projects around the globe I was able to successfully demonstrate deep intercultural understanding, good social competence, strong leadership and my outstanding attitude – hands-on and can-do. Are you facing a challenge? Let's talk!

  • Full NameBenjamin Knoefler
  • Experience6.850+ days
  • Projects623+
  • Contacts200.000+


Speaking bars?

Marketing and Sales
Intercultural Experience
Project Management
Can-do attitude
Target Orientation


What I can do.

Sales Boosting

Is there a hole in your sales pipeline? Every customer interaction is a potential sales opportunity. I help to increase the sales performance of your organization.

Marketing Optimization

Improving the marketing efforts of an organization means maximizing the outcome. I help to analyze and rebuild tactics and processes to fit into your given business plans.

Crisis Communication

Every organization is vulnerable to crises, to occurrences that seriously interrupt your business. I help before, during and after a crisis situation to avoid (or at least reduce) damage.

Interim Management

I am an experienced "hands-on" entrepreneur and can help you to secure outcomes, implement changes, turn around under-performing projects and deliver a critical project.

Market Entry

Thinking about a new market? I will show your organization how to successfully do global business and how to build internal processes to support rapid growth of international branches.

PR & Lobbying

As a spokesperson I am fully committed to your business success. I build strong relations to relevant media and multiplicators as well as governmental and political organizations.


Others say.

  • Ms. Evy Hua, VP Business Consulting

    Awara Group, Russia

    I would be glad to recommend Ben personally as a very professional business contact with excellent networking and professional skills, as well as international orientation.

  • Mr. Mahmood Al Bastaki, Board Member & CEO

    Dubai Trade, United Arab Emirates

    I got to know Ben as a strong partner negotiating a new joint venture based in the Middle East. I found Ben very client oriented, well organized and sincere in his endeavors. I was impressed by Ben's positive and energetic approach to tough business challenges and his meticulous attention to formalize the deal in the most professional manner. It gives me great pleasure to provide a reference to Ben and have great faith on his skills and knowledge.

  • Mr. Patrick Meinhardt, Board Member

    European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, Belgium

    Ben is a gifted networker, connecting people and helping them to identify their common goals. He is an active listener who 'reads between the lines', analyses quickly and recognizes the actual roots of conflicts. This is how he finds new perspectives together with all parties involved. Ben's greatest asset is synthesizing the results of a discussion that started out with seemingly irreconcilable starting points, creating a concept where finally everyone can still find their own ideas.

  • Ms. Nicole Heinze, Managing Director

    Ferry Porsche Congress Center, Austria

    I have worked with Ben over the past 10 years on a wide array of projects and I have been impressed each and every time he worked on for me! His recommendations are insightful and actionable. He is a very reasonable person and considers constraints when giving business advice.

  • Mr. Matteo Dell'Acqua, CEO

    Lavorazioni Plastiche, Italy

    One needs to understand the system in order to solve a problem, and not just focus on immediate issues. Ben brings a unique set of skills, an effective style, and an excellent base of experience... he is the person to call.

  • Mr. Przemysław Grzywa, CEO

    REVOLVE Software House, Poland

    Ben is a hard-working individual focused on reaching set targets. We know each other for several years and I can always count on his help and support. I can truly recommend Ben for international work and ambitious projects.


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